Thoughts on Trumps Tax proposal.

1. Trumps 15% Corporate Tax proposal will make US – the next tax haven in reckoning.

It is also likely to be a great opportunity for US Companies that have stashed money in overseas tax havens to remit them back to USA at lower tax rates – bringing down US current account deficit and bulging US government revenues.

USA will compete and win from other tax havens because of its far better socio-political stability, property rights and global clout to protect US money invested abroad (especially in developing economies).

2. Abolition of inheritance tax (ironically from a practical perspective, this is a tax on those who save on attorney fees, not on estate of deceased – refer widely used Private Trusts to save on inheritance taxes) could bring personal investments from HNIs (High Net-worth Individuals) world over to USA driving investments in housing, stocks and SME businesses.

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