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We are an India based Accounting Automation startup.
We have developed an Accounting Automation product which takes away some of the mundane accounting tasks and lets the system and a business’ external trade partners be the trigger for automated data entry and processing into an enterprise’s accounting records / ERP; all still within the your control, without compromising on data confidentiality and security rules.
Examples include:-
1. Sale Bill of Supplier Triggers Purchase Invoice at your end & vice versa for your customers.
2. Payment by Customer Trigger Receipt Voucher at your end & vice versa for your suppliers.
Key Features :
1. Ease of integration : No changes required in your Accounting Package / ERP.
2. Compatibility with multiple accounting package / ERP . To start with we are supporting Tally interchange and we can customise our Product to integrate multiple software products including SAP and BUSY.
Presentation – BRIDGE – An Accounting Automation Solution
1. CA Nirmal Ghorawat
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