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(Reblog) Perspectives on Life Insurance Industry In India

First published on 31 January 2013 Synopsis 1 Background of the Insurance Sector 2 Snapshot of the Performance of the Life Insurance Sector post Liberalisation 3 Is LIC – A beneficiary of Liberalisation? 4 The Effect: Increase in Insurance Consumption 5 Role of Advertising – To create Insurance Awareness a. Bima Bemisaal – The Insurance…More

Validity of Gifts by Karta of ancestral property of HuF

The Supreme Court of India in the matter of KC Laxmana vs KC Chandrappa Gowda | 2022 LiveLaw (SC) 381 has HELD : “It is trite law that Karta/Manager of a joint family property may alienate joint family property only in three situations, namely, (i) legal necessity (ii) for the benefit of the estate and…More

Dispute Resolution for Small Assessee’s

The Finance Act, 2022 has amended Section 245MA therein in the Income Tax Act, 1962 wef 01 April, 2022 creating for a new procedure for Dispute Resolution for Small Assessee’s. The CBDT has further amended the Income Tax Rules, 1962, to introduce Part IX-A and new Rules 44DAA, 44DAB, 44DAC and 44DAD and Form 34BC…More

New Scheme for Taxation of Digital Assets such as Cryptocurrencies & NFTs

The Finance Bill, 2022 has proposed a new Scheme for Taxation of Digital Assets such as Cryptocurrencies & NFTs. It may be duly noted that Transactions in Cryptocurrencies and NFTs were taxable in earlier years as well. The classification of Income under Heads of Income such as Business or Capital Gains or Other Sources with…More