(Reblog) Perspectives on Life Insurance Industry In India

First published on 31 January 2013 Synopsis 1 Background of the Insurance Sector 2 Snapshot of the Performance of the Life Insurance Sector post Liberalisation 3 Is LIC – A beneficiary of Liberalisation? 4 The Effect: Increase in Insurance Consumption 5 Role of Advertising – To create Insurance Awareness a. Bima Bemisaal – The Insurance…More

Proposition : Paperless International Trade – A Use case for XBRL GL, Blockchain – Distributed Ledger & Smart Contracts, ISO 20022 Payment Messaging Standard, UNCITRAL MLETR, etc

A proposition on a use case for XBRL / Blockchain in Automation of International Trade Documentation. Problem Statement :  At present, Business Enterprises (including those engaged in International Trade) & Regulators thereof receive and send Transaction Documents – in closed formats – thus involve manual extraction & re-keying – in the recipient’s Accounting Package /…More

(Fiat) Money as Securitization – an impending crisis?

Google Dictionary defines securitisation as the process of “conversion of asset into marketable securities.” Investopedia defines Securitisation “as the procedure where an issuer designs a marketable financial instrument by merging or pooling various financial assets into one group.” Money or Currency or Bank Notes is in my opinion, one of the earliest examples of securitisation, even before…More

Moneylending related offence included under PASA in Gujarat

The Governor of Gujarat has promulgated ‘The Gujarat Prevention of Anti Social Activities (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020’ with effect from 07 September 2020. Clause (ga) inserted in Section 2 defines a “money lending offender” to mean a person, who commits or attempts to commit or abets the commission of offences under Chapter IX of the Gujarat…More