5 points on 5/20 Rule of Indian Civil Aviation

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has come up with a Draft Civil Aviation Policy seeking comments on the controversial 5/20 rule – 5 years of flying experience & 20 aircraft fleet for Indian Airlines to be eligible to fly abroad – continue, scrap or replace with a complex system of Domestic Flying Credits. It also…More


1. Tech Enterprise are collecting a lot of personal information from consumers – from trivial about their name, contact info or location to specific information about their preference for a particular commodity or service. Further, they are also correlating the same with user behavior on their website / applications. 2. Analytics – can be one…More

Falling Crude Oil Prices And Its Effect On Indian Economy.

Crude oil prices are falling to new lows and for reasons speculated include the economics of demand and supply to the regional geopolitics in the Middle East and the possible strategic implications on the economy of Russian Federation embroiled in a cold conflict with the west in Ukraine. Whatever the reasons be, it remains obvious…More

Perspectives on Life Insurance Industry In India

Download a copy of this Document in PDF Synopsis 1 Background of the Insurance Sector 2 Snapshot of the Performance of the Life Insurance Sector post Liberalisation 3 Is LIC – A beneficiary of Liberalisation? 4 The Effect: Increase in Insurance Consumption 5 Role of Advertising – To create Insurance Awareness a. Bima Bemisaal –…More

Perspectives on FDI in Retail in India

Download this Article in PDF Well, we have been keenly watching and listening the national debate on the UPA-II government permitting 100% FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in Retail in India. The promise of FDI in Retail Higher price to farmers / Lower price and better service to consumers, by eliminating the middlemen in the distribution…More