India’s Equalisation Levy, US Trade Act and Tax Avoidance Arrangements : An interplay

The US Trade Representative has initiated an investigation into potential tariff and non-tariff barriers arising out of Equalisation Levy imposed by India that is purported to affect “US Exports”. Equalisation Levy (popularly dubbed “Google Tax”) is imposed by India on Advertising and eCommerce companies not having a Permanent Establishment in India and thus avoiding Income…More

Why there is no kranti in Arthakranti’s rather radical tax proposal but it is plain stupid.

Arthakranti Sansthan (literally, “Economic Revolution Organisation”) has proposed a rather radical tax and economic proposal which they believe (emphasis mine, not supported by empirical data or field study or practical application on ground) is “an effective and guaranteed solution of Black money generation, price rise and inflation, corruption and fiscal deficit, unemployment, ransom and criminal…More