Accounting Software : Transition from Book Keeping To Financial Reporting

I had certain thoughts on Accounting Packages – which can help them Transition from being book-keeping (Recording of Transaction) to Financial Reporting packages. 1. At present, Accounting Packages allow only a single grouping for a Ledger Account. However, in a number of factual instances the grouping of account in the Financial Statement depends upon the…More

XBRL Conversion Template for Indian Costing Taxonomy

Before proceeding further, Please read the Text of Disclaimer below:- “It is suggested that to avoid any doubt the user should re-check the facts and elements of XBRL Instance Document generated from this file “NIRMAL XBRL 1.0 Costing Taxonomy.xlsm” by converting the Instance To PDF with the latest version of the File Validation Utility downloaded…More

XBRL : The Future of Financial Reporting

*Download This Article  on XBRL – The Future of Financial Reporting – PDF *(This article has been published by the Guwahati Branch in their Souvenir for the National Conference of ICAI held at Guwahati, Assam on 16-17 December 2011.) Visit ‎for my conversion tool on XBRL and other files. –Start– A. Introduction to XBRL…More

XBRL FY 2010-11

Please visit “XBRL” page on this Blog To Stay abreast with latest developments / conversion Tools on XBRL. Short-link URL: PRESENTATION Download My Presentation on XBRL – The Future of Financial Reporting – PDFMore