XBRL Conversion Template for Indian Costing Taxonomy

Before proceeding further, Please read the Text of Disclaimer below:-

“It is suggested that to avoid any doubt the user should re-check the facts and elements of XBRL Instance Document generated from this file “NIRMAL XBRL 1.0 Costing Taxonomy.xlsm” by converting the Instance To PDF with the latest version of the File Validation Utility downloaded from the designated website of the MCA (http://www.mca.gov.in/XBRL/index.html ) prior to filing with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. “

DEMO License

User ID is Computer Hard Disk Serial No [Auto Generated] &

Demo License Key is 28 XB 21 CT 

Demo License for Compliance Report Template is valid for 7 days without any Limitation.

Full Licenses (For both Compliance Report / Cost Audit Report) shall be issued for FY 2012-13 shall be issued soon.

XBRL Conversion Tool for Indian Costing Taxonomy – Compliance Report FY 2012-13

All Files (Link on Google Drive outside this WEb Blog)

Compliance Report – XBRL Conversion Tool (.xlsm) (MS-Excel Macro-Enabled 2007-10)


User Guide – Nirmal XBRL Generator for Costing & CI Taxonomy – India (PDF)

Other Files

Text 2 Clean HTML Conversion Tool (.xlsm) (MS-Excel Macro-Enabled 2007-10)

(Hypothetical Data) Sample Instance Documents *

Compliance Report – NIL (Only Mandatory Tags) (PDF) 

Compliance Report – Hypothetical Data – Fully Tagged (PDF)

* WordPress.com is NOT permitting adding XML files. You can mail me @ nirmal.ghorawat@icai.org for the XML files of Sample Instance Documents or Download from link to Google Drive above.

Sample Validation (Error) Reports showing Possible Errors during Entry detected by XBRL Conversion Tool

Compliance Report – Sample Validation Report 1 (PDF)

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Download MCA Validation Tool for Costing Taxonomy

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